Craig is a software engineer with four years professional experience in fields diverse as news, biotech, and finance. He continuously looks for ways to share his passion for technology, from tutoring undergraduates in Computer Science to volunteering in enrichment programs teaching primary school students Scratch. At Hackedu he hopes to introduce students to the mindset necessary to create and innovate (hack) at every stage of their development. Craig graduated from Princeton University with a BSE in Computer Science and received a Certificate in Data Science from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.




Don received a Masters in Electrical Engineering, focusing on computer programming from University of California Los Angeles. He has moved to New Zealand to pursue his lifelong dream of educating youth. He sees Hackedu as the perfect academy to not only expose students to the interesting world of coding and design, but also to develop a lifelong curiosity for learning.

To speak directly to Don about a course, please email